So, when are you getting married?  Or when are you two “lovebirds” having children?

Do you find yourself dreading family holiday get-togethers because you are going to find a similar question? I find it all too common!  When I ask many of my friends what they are doing for the holidays, they automatically roll their eyes and then sigh.

More than likely, family get-togethers go like this: All the ladies in the family stress about it for a year because they have to talk to each other about what they are bringing and wearing. They get together around the kitchen and start sharing and cooking together while keeping an eye on the children that are either running around or playing video games. If they tell their husband to keep a watchful eye on the kids, he says yes but quickly forgets because hey, the game is on….

Lets face it, you don’t like “the other” children, every year they have the same temper tantrum.  It doesn’t matter what you are going to wear, either you gained weight, lost weight or look even better than last year, you wait for the snide comment, followed by a jab in the back by a snarky relative or in-law.

It’s all fun and games until someone asks “Hey, Joe, can you pass the bread?” followed by “what do you think about [politicians name] said on the news about money?” Oh my goodness! I feel like I should yell “INCOMING!” and then duck… Rewind three minutes before Joe passed the bread, did you noticed he’s been sneezing all night? Congratulations! You just got his cold (okay, a little overdramatic over-here but you get my drift).

So here is my question: if we complain so much about the family get-togethers, why do we keep going to them? By the way, “I don’t have a choice” is not an excuse, so don’t even try it.  Here is the problem, lower your expectations, why do you keep expecting it to be different when you KNOW that you know, it is not going to be different?

Secondly, go with an attitude that you can only fix yourself. Focus on having the best attitude you can have. Don’t try to fix little miss Bella’s 13-year old boyfriend of 2 weeks, why?  because, you are a highly capable individual and you will be productive in life. Remove yourself from the power struggles and try to have dinner. Don’t be an antisocial. If you are visiting someone’s house as a guest, try to limit your television watching experience to the minimum. Right after the game, who says you can’t play a board game or turn the Wii?.


Annoying Holiday

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