Mind Hacking

You are a successful {insert your profession/social status here}. As such, people admire you for your good grades; business ventures, heroic last-minute victories and they can see the result of your creativity plastered in music, art or life. You feel motivated, on top of the world and invincible. “Life happens” you know what that means, the work of your hands fail, you put your reputation on the line and now your name is not worth much, at least to those who despise you and chose to believe the lies about you.

You keep re-living the embarrassing moment, over and over again and yet you keep coming with the same question. What are some places where I can attach conditions of self-worth?  Where is my self-worth in light of my flaws, my shortcomings, and perhaps mistakes of others that ended up costing my precious name, realizations and victories?

Sometimes we can become discouraged, and perhaps function ineffectively in life because of our mistaken beliefs, our faulty values and our goals that we never achieved. Stop for a minute and think self-love equals self-worth. Love yourself! You are totally worth it.

As a computer guy a term comes to memory “hacking”. Your mind is the control center where you process the events that happen in real life, your feelings and your interpretations of the event. By the way, here is a secret. Do you happen to know why women (in general) remember more than men? It is because it is scientifically proven that when you attach a memory to an emotion, you can forever sear it in your memory.

So you need to hack the control center and remove the self-defeating programming. This program runs in the background with all the other programs and it keeps updating as the day goes by. When this program is successful you end up believing that nobody really cares about you. You end up being too critical of yourself expecting absolute perfection and therefore you reject people before they have a chance to reject you. Sound familiar?

Here is the worst part. If you don’t counter-attack this program your new behavior will shape your perception. Therefore you need to change your behavior. Engage in actions that will directly deal with your problem: for instance, do things that feel good like sports, go shopping, go dancing, snap out of it.

The most important thing is that you can set up goals that are clear, concrete and that makes sense in order to be successful. Talking about it may feel good, but doing something about it is even better. A hallmark of true success is when you reach your goals, whichever they are, as long as they lead you in a positive direction.

Now don’t be a noob and give me a comment will ya? 😉


3 thoughts on “Mind Hacking

  1. How does one go about hacking their brain and reprogramming it?
    I can do things that make me feel good – and they work for awhile, but it doesn’t seem to crack the code of the negative programming already set up.
    I do agree though, that successes and an accumulation of successes can start this process of reprogramming.

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