Staying true to yourself

I am not watching the news anymore. I have heard this expression over and over again. The reason? Too much negativity out there: wars, unemployment in mass scale, drugs & violence going rampant in the world, people mistreating animals, children, women & elderly, and countless more negativity going on.

All of this negativity can make it challenging for us to remain positive towards life. In fact, when people approach us, we respond somewhat negative wondering what are peoples’ true motivations. We can become quite cynical about life and only choosing to open ourselves to specific individuals.

Furthermore, you can walk into a mall, a store a café place, open your Internet and pretend nobody is around you. If you see something that is funny or interesting you try to play it nice and nonchalant you M(r)(s). cool you.

I am going so far as to say, some of you may be asking back: what’s the purpose of being nice just for being nice? It’s not going to pay my bills, it’s not going to land me a better job, and it’s not going to give me a nice award. I am going to let you answer yourself that one question. However, I want to take you on a journey so pack your bags and come with me.

Most of us are in search of genuine and trusting relationships. When was the last time you made a new friend? People are so concerned about their fragile egos that they can’t simply open up either for fear of embarrassment or just because they are too good for other people.

Burning question: Aren’t you tired of superficial relationships where all you talk is about the whether and “safe” topics with people? Do you want to communicate with other people in more honest and intimate levels with people that could be total strangers?

We are simply too busy fostering materialism in our life, wanting to have the latest fashion, toys and other commodities and we are forgetting communicating with people at a level that is beneath the surface. Beneath talking about sports and weather. You might say: You don’t understand, I am naturally shy or simply I am NOT interested in people anymore. I am so disappointed at the human race right now and sometimes I want to take a space jet and move to Mars.

Before you start packing your bags there is another solution, you can begin to form good relationships with people. Who knows? You might find your new best friend in a complete stranger! With a few exceptions, most everybody is like you and me.

In my humble opinion, I have found people who are shy, very interesting. I am not going to give you a list of 5 things you can do to build rapport, win friends and influence people. Just be your wonderful self. Don’t be interesting, just be interested, materialism is not going to improve your quality of life, but people will.

Unless you work for a secret government facility, a good secret to succeed at work is improving your communication skills. You can treat people like they were your friends and not some strangers from a faraway land. It is funny to me that a stranger to you might be someone else’s best friend. Staying true to yourself can be challenging at times, but at the end of the day, its all going to be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Staying true to yourself

  1. It is true what they say – “to make a friend you’ve got to be a friend”, and “a smile costs you nothing” and could make a huge difference to someone else.
    Great post 🙂

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