Merci, Gracias, Danke, Thank you!

Merci, Gracias, Danke, Thank you! It doesn’t matter how we say it, we could get a whole lot better saying it.

I think more importantly is not so much that we say is, I think its more important for us to understand why we are saying it, and how we are saying it. Let my ‘thank yous’ reflect accurately a token of my appreciation for others.

Let’s face it: In this life we don’t ~ we can’t accomplish much without the assistance of others. Other people show us gentleness, appreciation, honesty and unselfishness and love. Their random (or not so random) act of kindness gets passed on to me. Ever so deftly that holly molly ~ we fail to appreciate and sometimes even notice how our collective lives are improved by this experience.

Sometimes we raise our noses to other people and think “look what I have accomplished” career-wise, but we forget that in our previous moments, others helped us to get to where we are at today. My dad always quipped “nobody is born learned.” I never really liked this because it was hard to comprehend for me. Yes, I understood what it meant at face value, but never really appreciate the wisdom.

I have always been so blessed with a bevy of people who have made me smile in dark times. To patiently be there for me to help me connect the dots of life. Well, tomorrow is a new day, set aside to show some of my appreciation for those folks who help me in my everyday life. Those who are around me to cheer me up or correct me in every which way they can.

I wish to spend the day recognizing more how fortunate I have been to have those people around me. Those who taught me invaluable lessons in life but I never got to fully say “thank you”. Some of those people have passed on. Some of those people still live on. Regardless of this, they live in my heart, ever so presently because over┬átime I get to live their kindness I have a huge smile on my face. And I know in my heart of hearts this is how they would’ve wanted it.