New Beginnings

Samantha is a perfect beach-bodied girl. She likes to workout a lot and has hard rock abs. She loves sunbathing at the beach. She is driving the coast highway in her topless black Jeep Wrangler. She is wearing a vintage-hooded head scarf with big black sunglasses. As she is driving she is listening to her favorite music which is the latest  pop song album.

Her new  two-piece beach bikini is cropped top with high neck line and geometric zig-zag designs. She is also wearing sandals and and a sash bikini wrap around her waist. She parks in her favorite parking spot and turns off her car. She grabs her big tote with a big red anchor sign on it. Inside her tote she has: some fruits, her favorite book, her lotion, a bottle of water and her chop stick. She grabs her cell phone and starts walking down the beach to meet her boyfriend Chad. The wind is blowing particularly stronger this morning.

However, she paid no attention because she was excited to see her boyfriend and looking forward to hear the compliments on her new bikini she got for him. Chad is also a stunning and athletic young man. He is tall, muscular and ripped, with perfect abs, tanned with dirty blonde hair and steel blue eyes with wavy hair and a killer white smile with perfect teeth. He was charming and Uber confident from the start.

On top of his regular schedule he likes to bicycle during the week. On  weekends he picked up a part time swimming pool lifesaver job. He doesn’t need the job but it is one of his hobbies.Today is Chad’s weekend off. As usual, Chad brought his Chesapeake Bay Retriever “Rogue”. Meanwhile, Rogue was fetching something for Chad. As soon as Rogue sees Sam he runs after her to say hi. Chad follows suit. He goes to greet his beautiful girlfriend.  After they have greeted properly Chad asked her: “Are you hungry, baby?” and she replied with an unwavering “absolutely!”.

He goes to his car and brings their lunch. As he is  extending a checkered red and white table cloth along the sand, Sam asks him:  “so tell me about your day today, did you sleep alright?” and he replies – “I couldn’t sleep very well, something was keeping me up so I decided to jog early this morning and take Rogue along with me” – As he is taking their sandwiches out of the bag, Rogue starts barking and running towards the ocean.

Chad was too busy hiding the ring that he is about to give his new fiancee-to-be. Besides, it could be another four-wheeler he might be chasing after. The dog is barking and barking and Chad snaps. When he rises his dead, a 10-foot wave is rising in the ocean. Chad starts whistling Rogue to come. The wind starts picking up. Suddenly, Chad feels as if the sand is hitting his skin like mini-projectiles, the massive wave reaches Rogue.  “OMG Chad, we lost Rogue!” Chad runs towards the ocean in a desperate attempt to get his dog back. A Beach-police man in a 4-wheeler who is nearby follows behind Chad. He jumps over him and says “What are you, Crazy? – You can’t run that way! ~ you are gonna get yourself killed! Fortunately this wasn’t Rogue’s first encounter with the ocean.

Rogue is an avid swimmer and everyone can see the doggy silhouette swimming back to the beach. The police guy tells Sam and Chad “you guys are going to have to get out of here now!. We have too many people to evacuate and I dont want to see you pulling that stunt again. You do it and you go to Jail next time” – Without giving further information – BOOM! A dead bird falls from the sky and hits the 4-wheeler. Another wave starts forming in the back of the ocean.

“Look guys! overthere! Sam is pointing to the ocean.” Their limited eyesight cannot distinguish what is going on so the police officer grabs the long-range professional binoculars and at the distance sees a pack of dolphins swimming south like running scared for their lives. Sam looks at the guy in uniform and says “What is going on officer?”  he says – “Look I don’t know what is going on but you have to get out of here. I got a radio from command central to start evac-protocol ASAP”.  BOOM! another bird hits the beach. Chad and Sam start packing up as fast as they can. Having to jump on top of Chad’s earlier the police officer’s 4-wheeler stopped. As Chad and Sam are  on the abruptly Chad says “What in the world?”  Methane gas burps are coming out of the water in form of bubbles bursting through the waves.

Back in the NASA headquarters Lt. Jones a top physicist, marine biologist and a NASA liaison to the US military, states that according to the latest predictions the situation is getting out of control and that the carbon footprints predictions are getting off the charts. People in the coasts are dying from the methane burst product of the thawing of the permafrost in the ocean floor. At the same time, the plants worldwide are adapting to the new environment. As a defense mechanism they reverse the photosynthesis process and instead of releasing oxygen they start releasing CO2. The world is doomed.

People in the cities are watching through the international news how people and animals in the coasts all over the world are dying of suffocation. Some people have oxygen masks but that’s only a temporary measure. Oxygen is no longer something you can count for granted anymore. NASA and RUSSIA’s space programs have been collaborating on an ultra-secret project called “Salvation”. Salvation is a mothership the size of 30 stadiums long. The ship has been equipped with the latest technology, capable of self-sustaining for decades. Salvation has the latest technology in artificial intelligence in every single subsystem. Heating, air, and water run on a separate subset of algorithms that emulate the four stations of the year. Meanwhile, chaos and riots emerge all over the planet.

People fighting for their right to be accepted in the ship. NASA and Russia start dispatching top engineers, medics, and soldiers to a recently discovered planet called Nemesus-IV. Nemesus is not a perfect planet, but is big like the size of Jupiter with unknown creatures and perfect for sustainability.  The captain of Salvation starts the motors and all systems check. His digital calendar reads “Year 0001” – his mug reads “new beginnings ” in a new anglo-russian language, necessary from years of collaboration.


Lookin’ for love…

Love is in the air. Yes! Like radio waves, you can not see them or touch them but you know they are there if you are tuned to the right frequency.

Paraphrasing Aristotle, he said that loving is to be happy, but not only that, it is to click with a special someone who was not in your plans. Loving someone is to have a better quality of life, if and only love is not sickening or weird. Sometimes we confuse infatuation with love. Loving is never lose sight of who you truly are, it is not losing your identity, because if you lose your identity in the process of loving someone, then I call that affective intoxication. Don’t worry it is not in the dictionary – yet.

Often times I do wonder how a couple ended up together? Just soon to realize that feelings decided for both of them, dragging them like a river out of the channel.  I have no scientific facts but to me love is like water, it has a great deal of density and can sway you powerless if you don’t exercise your direction.

So you may be left wondering, is it truly possible to love somebody and not die trying? Is it possible for me to enjoy the journey without really being dragged in the process? Well, without sounding to “know-it-all” let me give you a life jacket and a crash course on swimming so you don’t drown in the deep waters of frustration.

First of all, if you are with someone and that person doesn’t value you for who you really are, then learn to be a good loser and leave with dignity. Seriously, if they do not love you and respect you enough, have the dignity to love yourself because the situation will not change. By the way, that’s the very definition of insanity, things that have never change but you expect them to, without trying anything new.

Secondly, if you are really trying to fix your lover and their problems, you do it in such a way that that it is irrational. You dim your own lights so that said person brightens more, or at least has that appearance. You dissimulate and diminish your own virtues and God-given talents so that the shortcomings of your significant other are not noticed as much, in other words, you are emotionally subdued. Avoid irrational sacrifices so that your loved one will be happier or more complete.

Third, your loved one love, love, loves you! For now, tomorrow might be a different story, depending on their mood. One day they love you, the next day they are not so sure. You know that the emotional balance its in their hands. You know that the other person can more easily dispense their love towards you. Also, more fortuitously you say yes when you mean to say no. Reflect on this: Are you doing things for love or fear? Who has the affective power in this relationship? In what way am I being affected or benefited?

There are many more archetypes of emotional lovers, but the ones who are more “weak” the ones that are not looking to be “players” ~ either men or women. Those who persist in finding true love, in spite of themselves and their bad decisions, know this: The highest purpose of love is to love well. Always believe that you “cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” Unknown.

Ignorance is not Bliss

The world in which we live is a very fascinating world. People live vicariously through the fabric of their emotions, intellect and experiences. Ignorance is by definition not knowing something and what which we don’t know, can really hurt us. However, our very own ignorance comes from many sources.

For instance, human beings get a sense of value from the things recognized or not recognized to be familiar. We naturally tend to seek fulfillment, avoid meaninglessness, sadness and conflict in our lives.
As if by default, we are inclined to increase this need of self-fulfillment through our senses and multiply our possessions. We could become selfish and foolish at times, in our private quest for completion.

Society must ask if our human path to fullness is only valid through these means: self gratification and possession multiplication. Can we ever be fully satisfied with our material possessions? These are some questions that touch on the core of our lives, especially if this matter is one of importance and significance.

Another one of the reasons for a lack of self-awareness is that we tend to shield our biases, consciously or unconsciously, even when evidence falls in on the other side of our opinion. We conform and succumb to the society at large. Our ability to distinguish this one-sidedness will make us stronger individuals, even when we disagree on socio-political or even religious points of view, sometimes is ok to disagree.

The most important tool in preventing ignorance is intentionality. Often times, when people lapse into ignorance is when we slip into laziness. Contrary to popular belief, alienating ourselves from the media, the world, our family or religion will not enable us to combat ignorance. Ignorance still exists in a vacuum; however ignorance still remains a possibility.

If we develop a critical mindset and give ourselves to analysis, then a motivation to learn will grow into knowledge – which is the opposite of ignorance. If we complacently watch whatever happens in our television, then we might become enslaved with whatever happens in the other side of the tube. If I develop a technical mindset regarding the intricacies by which I view media (framing, cinematography, lighting, presentation, plot, etc) then that frame of mind develops into something that I am actively involved, instead of something to be passive about.

The same goes for participating in a religious setting, If I idly sit and engulf my mind without engaging my critical thinking apparatus, then the experience becomes as stagnant as last night’s weather news. Preventing ignorance goes way beyond collecting a bunch of facts from x, y or z subjects. Preventing ignorance has a lot to do with engaging reason and intellect.

My mom always told me “he who does not know, is like he who does not see” and what a great point that is, If we dont know something, is like not seeing it, until it hits us. Ignorance could be bliss, but knowledge is power. We must wield to knowledge to experience the fullness of its power before intentionally using our minds. Having said that, in the times of the Bible, King Solomon, who was one of the kings with the most wisdom throughout the land, stressed his proverbs with encouragement that knowledge, understanding and wisdom are as gold and silver.

Therefore knowledge, understanding and wisdom will shield the simple-mindedness from ignorance and keep us in the path to truth. True self-fulfillment does not come from material possessions alone, but from a knowledge that provides meaning, in a life lived with intentionality.

Staying true to yourself

I am not watching the news anymore. I have heard this expression over and over again. The reason? Too much negativity out there: wars, unemployment in mass scale, drugs & violence going rampant in the world, people mistreating animals, children, women & elderly, and countless more negativity going on.

All of this negativity can make it challenging for us to remain positive towards life. In fact, when people approach us, we respond somewhat negative wondering what are peoples’ true motivations. We can become quite cynical about life and only choosing to open ourselves to specific individuals.

Furthermore, you can walk into a mall, a store a café place, open your Internet and pretend nobody is around you. If you see something that is funny or interesting you try to play it nice and nonchalant you M(r)(s). cool you.

I am going so far as to say, some of you may be asking back: what’s the purpose of being nice just for being nice? It’s not going to pay my bills, it’s not going to land me a better job, and it’s not going to give me a nice award. I am going to let you answer yourself that one question. However, I want to take you on a journey so pack your bags and come with me.

Most of us are in search of genuine and trusting relationships. When was the last time you made a new friend? People are so concerned about their fragile egos that they can’t simply open up either for fear of embarrassment or just because they are too good for other people.

Burning question: Aren’t you tired of superficial relationships where all you talk is about the whether and “safe” topics with people? Do you want to communicate with other people in more honest and intimate levels with people that could be total strangers?

We are simply too busy fostering materialism in our life, wanting to have the latest fashion, toys and other commodities and we are forgetting communicating with people at a level that is beneath the surface. Beneath talking about sports and weather. You might say: You don’t understand, I am naturally shy or simply I am NOT interested in people anymore. I am so disappointed at the human race right now and sometimes I want to take a space jet and move to Mars.

Before you start packing your bags there is another solution, you can begin to form good relationships with people. Who knows? You might find your new best friend in a complete stranger! With a few exceptions, most everybody is like you and me.

In my humble opinion, I have found people who are shy, very interesting. I am not going to give you a list of 5 things you can do to build rapport, win friends and influence people. Just be your wonderful self. Don’t be interesting, just be interested, materialism is not going to improve your quality of life, but people will.

Unless you work for a secret government facility, a good secret to succeed at work is improving your communication skills. You can treat people like they were your friends and not some strangers from a faraway land. It is funny to me that a stranger to you might be someone else’s best friend. Staying true to yourself can be challenging at times, but at the end of the day, its all going to be worth it.

Mind Hacking

You are a successful {insert your profession/social status here}. As such, people admire you for your good grades; business ventures, heroic last-minute victories and they can see the result of your creativity plastered in music, art or life. You feel motivated, on top of the world and invincible. “Life happens” you know what that means, the work of your hands fail, you put your reputation on the line and now your name is not worth much, at least to those who despise you and chose to believe the lies about you.

You keep re-living the embarrassing moment, over and over again and yet you keep coming with the same question. What are some places where I can attach conditions of self-worth?  Where is my self-worth in light of my flaws, my shortcomings, and perhaps mistakes of others that ended up costing my precious name, realizations and victories?

Sometimes we can become discouraged, and perhaps function ineffectively in life because of our mistaken beliefs, our faulty values and our goals that we never achieved. Stop for a minute and think self-love equals self-worth. Love yourself! You are totally worth it.

As a computer guy a term comes to memory “hacking”. Your mind is the control center where you process the events that happen in real life, your feelings and your interpretations of the event. By the way, here is a secret. Do you happen to know why women (in general) remember more than men? It is because it is scientifically proven that when you attach a memory to an emotion, you can forever sear it in your memory.

So you need to hack the control center and remove the self-defeating programming. This program runs in the background with all the other programs and it keeps updating as the day goes by. When this program is successful you end up believing that nobody really cares about you. You end up being too critical of yourself expecting absolute perfection and therefore you reject people before they have a chance to reject you. Sound familiar?

Here is the worst part. If you don’t counter-attack this program your new behavior will shape your perception. Therefore you need to change your behavior. Engage in actions that will directly deal with your problem: for instance, do things that feel good like sports, go shopping, go dancing, snap out of it.

The most important thing is that you can set up goals that are clear, concrete and that makes sense in order to be successful. Talking about it may feel good, but doing something about it is even better. A hallmark of true success is when you reach your goals, whichever they are, as long as they lead you in a positive direction.

Now don’t be a noob and give me a comment will ya? 😉

Annoying Holiday

So, when are you getting married?  Or when are you two “lovebirds” having children?

Do you find yourself dreading family holiday get-togethers because you are going to find a similar question? I find it all too common!  When I ask many of my friends what they are doing for the holidays, they automatically roll their eyes and then sigh.

More than likely, family get-togethers go like this: All the ladies in the family stress about it for a year because they have to talk to each other about what they are bringing and wearing. They get together around the kitchen and start sharing and cooking together while keeping an eye on the children that are either running around or playing video games. If they tell their husband to keep a watchful eye on the kids, he says yes but quickly forgets because hey, the game is on….

Lets face it, you don’t like “the other” children, every year they have the same temper tantrum.  It doesn’t matter what you are going to wear, either you gained weight, lost weight or look even better than last year, you wait for the snide comment, followed by a jab in the back by a snarky relative or in-law.

It’s all fun and games until someone asks “Hey, Joe, can you pass the bread?” followed by “what do you think about [politicians name] said on the news about money?” Oh my goodness! I feel like I should yell “INCOMING!” and then duck… Rewind three minutes before Joe passed the bread, did you noticed he’s been sneezing all night? Congratulations! You just got his cold (okay, a little overdramatic over-here but you get my drift).

So here is my question: if we complain so much about the family get-togethers, why do we keep going to them? By the way, “I don’t have a choice” is not an excuse, so don’t even try it.  Here is the problem, lower your expectations, why do you keep expecting it to be different when you KNOW that you know, it is not going to be different?

Secondly, go with an attitude that you can only fix yourself. Focus on having the best attitude you can have. Don’t try to fix little miss Bella’s 13-year old boyfriend of 2 weeks, why?  because, you are a highly capable individual and you will be productive in life. Remove yourself from the power struggles and try to have dinner. Don’t be an antisocial. If you are visiting someone’s house as a guest, try to limit your television watching experience to the minimum. Right after the game, who says you can’t play a board game or turn the Wii?.