About oranges, crimes, Narnia and punishment


– “Everybody to the Rec Room, NOW!”

Apart from being a blogger and a counselor I also work part time in a grocery store. This supermarket is kind of like a national chain of supermarkets. I work part time so it doesn’t interfere too much with my life. They pay well, but they exploit you like an asian in a chinese sweat shop, like an african digging for blood diamonds, like a…. well, you get the hint.

 “OK, I need your attention now.”

The boss man is too strict, and he does not tolerate no ruckus or disorder. That night he called us and made make a line, after we closed the doors. This was a serious misconduct, that deserved to be punished swiftly. Someone had stolen fruits from the fruit stand, and they left the evidence in the bathroom when everything was closed.


 “I found a lot of orange peels in the bathroom, AND I noticed that there are oranges missing in the stand. This happened after the store was closed, so one of you might’ve been”

Thus, he began the classic sermon of the good collaborator, the employee of the month, the prestige of the company we work for. He gave the opportunity  for the scoundrel to ‘fess up’. No one spoke. I thought he was exaggerating a little – but ultimately I was tired and didn’t want to make a bigger deal – The Chief said that we had until the shift change to come and confess personally ” … or nobody is getting out of here“.

We went back to work with dull laughs. For a moment I started wondering if they would start paying us with oranges, may be. I went back to what I was doing. The thing is almost at the end of our shift we had almost nothing to do, but we had to keep working because the boss man “…didn’t pay us to see us talk…”

I started moving boxes of books (huge boxes by the way) towards the book stand. I was bored so I was doing it slow. One of the book of boxes read “The Chronicles of Narnia”. I knew it was going to be a heavy one. I mustered all the strength I could and lifted it up rather quickly, instead of books, out came oranges.


I was so scared…. What did this mean? It was almost like a corpse! I quickly looked around, but no one was watching.  My first impulse was to hide the evidence! But, where if the box is already broken? Oh I thought behind the books! Surely nobody is going to notice the difference right?

Tomorrow when the client comes and picks up a book and the oranges come jumping, should I tell my boss? nah….

After all it wasn’t necessary. The oranges were rolling like blood throughout the floor. One of them rolled to the feet of my boss. I was kind of nervous  when he looked at me, I just stared back and him and blurted out “… they are from Narnia!” and grinned nervously.

The problem was resolved. A workmate made an erroneous inventory. Because he was lazy he didn’t want to inventory the oranges so he put them in the book boxes, so that the person who was working on the books, would have to do his job for him. that was unforgivable. That same guy, because he was hungry, he went to the bathroom and started downing oranges  like there was no tomorrow.  It was unforgivable and he was sanctioned.

OK actually I don’t work or ever worked at a grocery store. This was just an exercise for me to let you know that not everything has a point  🙂


New Beginnings

Samantha is a perfect beach-bodied girl. She likes to workout a lot and has hard rock abs. She loves sunbathing at the beach. She is driving the coast highway in her topless black Jeep Wrangler. She is wearing a vintage-hooded head scarf with big black sunglasses. As she is driving she is listening to her favorite music which is the latest  pop song album.

Her new  two-piece beach bikini is cropped top with high neck line and geometric zig-zag designs. She is also wearing sandals and and a sash bikini wrap around her waist. She parks in her favorite parking spot and turns off her car. She grabs her big tote with a big red anchor sign on it. Inside her tote she has: some fruits, her favorite book, her lotion, a bottle of water and her chop stick. She grabs her cell phone and starts walking down the beach to meet her boyfriend Chad. The wind is blowing particularly stronger this morning.

However, she paid no attention because she was excited to see her boyfriend and looking forward to hear the compliments on her new bikini she got for him. Chad is also a stunning and athletic young man. He is tall, muscular and ripped, with perfect abs, tanned with dirty blonde hair and steel blue eyes with wavy hair and a killer white smile with perfect teeth. He was charming and Uber confident from the start.

On top of his regular schedule he likes to bicycle during the week. On  weekends he picked up a part time swimming pool lifesaver job. He doesn’t need the job but it is one of his hobbies.Today is Chad’s weekend off. As usual, Chad brought his Chesapeake Bay Retriever “Rogue”. Meanwhile, Rogue was fetching something for Chad. As soon as Rogue sees Sam he runs after her to say hi. Chad follows suit. He goes to greet his beautiful girlfriend.  After they have greeted properly Chad asked her: “Are you hungry, baby?” and she replied with an unwavering “absolutely!”.

He goes to his car and brings their lunch. As he is  extending a checkered red and white table cloth along the sand, Sam asks him:  “so tell me about your day today, did you sleep alright?” and he replies – “I couldn’t sleep very well, something was keeping me up so I decided to jog early this morning and take Rogue along with me” – As he is taking their sandwiches out of the bag, Rogue starts barking and running towards the ocean.

Chad was too busy hiding the ring that he is about to give his new fiancee-to-be. Besides, it could be another four-wheeler he might be chasing after. The dog is barking and barking and Chad snaps. When he rises his dead, a 10-foot wave is rising in the ocean. Chad starts whistling Rogue to come. The wind starts picking up. Suddenly, Chad feels as if the sand is hitting his skin like mini-projectiles, the massive wave reaches Rogue.  “OMG Chad, we lost Rogue!” Chad runs towards the ocean in a desperate attempt to get his dog back. A Beach-police man in a 4-wheeler who is nearby follows behind Chad. He jumps over him and says “What are you, Crazy? – You can’t run that way! ~ you are gonna get yourself killed! Fortunately this wasn’t Rogue’s first encounter with the ocean.

Rogue is an avid swimmer and everyone can see the doggy silhouette swimming back to the beach. The police guy tells Sam and Chad “you guys are going to have to get out of here now!. We have too many people to evacuate and I dont want to see you pulling that stunt again. You do it and you go to Jail next time” – Without giving further information – BOOM! A dead bird falls from the sky and hits the 4-wheeler. Another wave starts forming in the back of the ocean.

“Look guys! overthere! Sam is pointing to the ocean.” Their limited eyesight cannot distinguish what is going on so the police officer grabs the long-range professional binoculars and at the distance sees a pack of dolphins swimming south like running scared for their lives. Sam looks at the guy in uniform and says “What is going on officer?”  he says – “Look I don’t know what is going on but you have to get out of here. I got a radio from command central to start evac-protocol ASAP”.  BOOM! another bird hits the beach. Chad and Sam start packing up as fast as they can. Having to jump on top of Chad’s earlier the police officer’s 4-wheeler stopped. As Chad and Sam are  on the abruptly Chad says “What in the world?”  Methane gas burps are coming out of the water in form of bubbles bursting through the waves.

Back in the NASA headquarters Lt. Jones a top physicist, marine biologist and a NASA liaison to the US military, states that according to the latest predictions the situation is getting out of control and that the carbon footprints predictions are getting off the charts. People in the coasts are dying from the methane burst product of the thawing of the permafrost in the ocean floor. At the same time, the plants worldwide are adapting to the new environment. As a defense mechanism they reverse the photosynthesis process and instead of releasing oxygen they start releasing CO2. The world is doomed.

People in the cities are watching through the international news how people and animals in the coasts all over the world are dying of suffocation. Some people have oxygen masks but that’s only a temporary measure. Oxygen is no longer something you can count for granted anymore. NASA and RUSSIA’s space programs have been collaborating on an ultra-secret project called “Salvation”. Salvation is a mothership the size of 30 stadiums long. The ship has been equipped with the latest technology, capable of self-sustaining for decades. Salvation has the latest technology in artificial intelligence in every single subsystem. Heating, air, and water run on a separate subset of algorithms that emulate the four stations of the year. Meanwhile, chaos and riots emerge all over the planet.

People fighting for their right to be accepted in the ship. NASA and Russia start dispatching top engineers, medics, and soldiers to a recently discovered planet called Nemesus-IV. Nemesus is not a perfect planet, but is big like the size of Jupiter with unknown creatures and perfect for sustainability.  The captain of Salvation starts the motors and all systems check. His digital calendar reads “Year 0001” – his mug reads “new beginnings ” in a new anglo-russian language, necessary from years of collaboration.