Merci, Gracias, Danke, Thank you!

Merci, Gracias, Danke, Thank you! It doesn’t matter how we say it, we could get a whole lot better saying it.

I think more importantly is not so much that we say is, I think its more important for us to understand why we are saying it, and how we are saying it. Let my ‘thank yous’ reflect accurately a token of my appreciation for others.

Let’s face it: In this life we don’t ~ we can’t accomplish much without the assistance of others. Other people show us gentleness, appreciation, honesty and unselfishness and love. Their random (or not so random) act of kindness gets passed on to me. Ever so deftly that holly molly ~ we fail to appreciate and sometimes even notice how our collective lives are improved by this experience.

Sometimes we raise our noses to other people and think “look what I have accomplished” career-wise, but we forget that in our previous moments, others helped us to get to where we are at today. My dad always quipped “nobody is born learned.” I never really liked this because it was hard to comprehend for me. Yes, I understood what it meant at face value, but never really appreciate the wisdom.

I have always been so blessed with a bevy of people who have made me smile in dark times. To patiently be there for me to help me connect the dots of life. Well, tomorrow is a new day, set aside to show some of my appreciation for those folks who help me in my everyday life. Those who are around me to cheer me up or correct me in every which way they can.

I wish to spend the day recognizing more how fortunate I have been to have those people around me. Those who taught me invaluable lessons in life but I never got to fully say “thank you”. Some of those people have passed on. Some of those people still live on. Regardless of this, they live in my heart, ever so presently because over time I get to live their kindness I have a huge smile on my face. And I know in my heart of hearts this is how they would’ve wanted it.


My Theory of Relativity

When we go on and say that all things are relative, is to say such statement can be true and negative at the same time. If an individual and I look at a same concatenation of events that occur in a certain time and a certain place, then that individual and I may bear in mind some elements hold true for that event. Nevertheless, his truth is relative to mine since we both are seeing things from different angles and different perspectives, even when we are at the same time and place.

Moreover, the other individual can’t say that the earth is flat, if and only the earth is flat to him. The definition of his perspective is relative to that specific person, but does not make the statement true. Therefore, all things can be relative to a person, but that does not mean that his version of the “truth” is true to everyone else. Thus, relativity relies on the human perception, not on a factual statement. Glass half empty-half full effect.

When we speak that all things are interrelated, it holds true for a cycle of energy within an ecosystem. For instance, the atoms of the sun provide the energy to a plant, that produces fruit, which is eaten by an animal, which provides energy for daily living, multiplication of the species and so on. To predicate that everything has a cause and effect, is to imply that one thing must be connected to another one to produce a desired or undesired effect.

To deny that all things are interrelated, is to close our eyes to the very intercourse of every single element within our planet.

Dear Displeasing Drew

Don’t deny it. I am with you twentyfour-seven. I remember so vividly like it was yesterday!  You were at the Seattle Airport. You were tight on catching your flight. It was your fault. It has been snowing for the last couple of days so it wasn’t a surprise that the weather wasn’t cooperating. You knew that the airport shuttle driver was as reliable as uncle Alfred.

When you arrived at the airport, you were unloading all of your luggage and pushing through the line to get rescued by the airline personnel. Then after that you wanted to push through the security line. “Excuse me, excuse me. I am running tight. My plane is going to LEAVE ME!” As if the entire airport personnel will move faster because you are running late.

I noticed how you stared down the security person, to check the items inside your carry-on and re-run it through the X-Ray machine. Your mumble and grunts probably made that officer move a little slower… just probably. Because we know that if the security officer would have security protocol you would be HALFWAY home right? ~ no, wrong!

I know you Displeasing Drew. I think the same thing happens when you go to the grocery store. When you have your items in the conveyor belt and you inch them forever so closely to the person ahead of you. Invade their space, watch your watch, tap on your shoes, cross your arms and sight loudly. You want to make it seem evident that you are in a hurry.

You act as if you are in the verge of a worldwide catastrophe with a deadline for yesterday and you are the only one who can solve it.  From the way I see it, you are embarrassing me at times. I have an idea. Let’s learn how to count to ten and take deep breaths. How about under every breath, you be thankful? Yes, Be thankful that you have the opportunity to fill your cart with food that you need and junk that you don’t. Be thankful that you can get to travel and have a hotel to rest your head while away from home.

How about writing your feelings… put them in a letter maybe?


Me, myself and I.


Ignorance is not Bliss

The world in which we live is a very fascinating world. People live vicariously through the fabric of their emotions, intellect and experiences. Ignorance is by definition not knowing something and what which we don’t know, can really hurt us. However, our very own ignorance comes from many sources.

For instance, human beings get a sense of value from the things recognized or not recognized to be familiar. We naturally tend to seek fulfillment, avoid meaninglessness, sadness and conflict in our lives.
As if by default, we are inclined to increase this need of self-fulfillment through our senses and multiply our possessions. We could become selfish and foolish at times, in our private quest for completion.

Society must ask if our human path to fullness is only valid through these means: self gratification and possession multiplication. Can we ever be fully satisfied with our material possessions? These are some questions that touch on the core of our lives, especially if this matter is one of importance and significance.

Another one of the reasons for a lack of self-awareness is that we tend to shield our biases, consciously or unconsciously, even when evidence falls in on the other side of our opinion. We conform and succumb to the society at large. Our ability to distinguish this one-sidedness will make us stronger individuals, even when we disagree on socio-political or even religious points of view, sometimes is ok to disagree.

The most important tool in preventing ignorance is intentionality. Often times, when people lapse into ignorance is when we slip into laziness. Contrary to popular belief, alienating ourselves from the media, the world, our family or religion will not enable us to combat ignorance. Ignorance still exists in a vacuum; however ignorance still remains a possibility.

If we develop a critical mindset and give ourselves to analysis, then a motivation to learn will grow into knowledge – which is the opposite of ignorance. If we complacently watch whatever happens in our television, then we might become enslaved with whatever happens in the other side of the tube. If I develop a technical mindset regarding the intricacies by which I view media (framing, cinematography, lighting, presentation, plot, etc) then that frame of mind develops into something that I am actively involved, instead of something to be passive about.

The same goes for participating in a religious setting, If I idly sit and engulf my mind without engaging my critical thinking apparatus, then the experience becomes as stagnant as last night’s weather news. Preventing ignorance goes way beyond collecting a bunch of facts from x, y or z subjects. Preventing ignorance has a lot to do with engaging reason and intellect.

My mom always told me “he who does not know, is like he who does not see” and what a great point that is, If we dont know something, is like not seeing it, until it hits us. Ignorance could be bliss, but knowledge is power. We must wield to knowledge to experience the fullness of its power before intentionally using our minds. Having said that, in the times of the Bible, King Solomon, who was one of the kings with the most wisdom throughout the land, stressed his proverbs with encouragement that knowledge, understanding and wisdom are as gold and silver.

Therefore knowledge, understanding and wisdom will shield the simple-mindedness from ignorance and keep us in the path to truth. True self-fulfillment does not come from material possessions alone, but from a knowledge that provides meaning, in a life lived with intentionality.