My Theory of Relativity

When we go on and say that all things are relative, is to say such statement can be true and negative at the same time. If an individual and I look at a same concatenation of events that occur in a certain time and a certain place, then that individual and I may bear in mind some elements hold true for that event. Nevertheless, his truth is relative to mine since we both are seeing things from different angles and different perspectives, even when we are at the same time and place.

Moreover, the other individual can’t say that the earth is flat, if and only the earth is flat to him. The definition of his perspective is relative to that specific person, but does not make the statement true. Therefore, all things can be relative to a person, but that does not mean that his version of the “truth” is true to everyone else. Thus, relativity relies on the human perception, not on a factual statement. Glass half empty-half full effect.

When we speak that all things are interrelated, it holds true for a cycle of energy within an ecosystem. For instance, the atoms of the sun provide the energy to a plant, that produces fruit, which is eaten by an animal, which provides energy for daily living, multiplication of the species and so on. To predicate that everything has a cause and effect, is to imply that one thing must be connected to another one to produce a desired or undesired effect.

To deny that all things are interrelated, is to close our eyes to the very intercourse of every single element within our planet.